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right piece for your life and budget?  Do you ever want to purchase

Interior Designers select needed furnishings and fixtures to complete all
living spaces.  Trained to respect each customer's lifestyle and furniture
comfort level, an interior designer works with the client to merge their
style with good design principles and good furniture for the budget.  

In addition, by hiring a design consultant, you get the added benefit of
purchasing furniture often at discounts not offered to you directly.  This
savings often pays the design fees and then some.  But even if it didn't,
what is the savings to you of not making a mistake in quality, design, and

During a full service design project, a detailed list of items can be
prepared for your use when shopping, so you can make purchases within
your budget over time.  This gives you the confidence that you will make
no mistakes when you want to finish that corner or replace the dining
room and so on.  No need to keep the designer once the plan is in place.  

Furniture Consultation is billed by the hour with a two hour minimum, or
by the project, or any combination of the two.  Budgets are our specialty.

Everyone can afford an interior designer.  Why not you?