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Where Everything Art Is Inn...
deciding on which fabric or which paint color to use?  Do you dislike
being in one of your rooms or your entire home?  Is there a particular
element in your room that stands out like a sore thumb?  Are you having
family troubles in these rooms?  Are you are unhappy, tired, or angry?  
upholstery fabrics, wall coverings, window treatments, and flooring
makes all the difference in how you feel in your room.  Interior Design
makes a difference in your life.  It seems like a silly thing, but color affects
mood and energy in a room.  The wrong colors can drain your energy, sap
you strength and even make you ill.  Correct color choices can improve
your brain, relax your heart rate, increase productivity, and make you
happier.  And correct color choices do that all at the same time.

Fees are billed by the hour with a two hour minimum, or by the project, or
any combination of the two.  Budgets are our specialty.  

Everyone can afford an interior designer.  Why not you?