Barbara is fast in processing information, making suggestions, and resistance to
change, Barbara works gently, listening carefully to your concerns, and asks
pertinent questions that help you design your home or office space to your needs
and style.

Are you unsure of what color to paint your walls?  

A two hour consult  can resolve an entire floor of color choices.  Why not maximize
your furnishings and architecture with perfect color choices for your walls,
ceilings, and trim.

Are you unsure which sofa or lighting or how to accessorize?  

A quick visit can resolve years of pondering, moving things around, and loads of

Do you wish you could receive independent advice for your project before, or
after they are under way?  Do you wish you had done things differently?  

Problems that have gone too far to undo can't be fixed, however, they can be
made less troublesome with some quick redesign and rethinking.  And sometimes
early consultation can avoid problematic issues before construction and

Any design service is available on an as needed basis.  

Fees are billed by the hour with a two hour minimum, or by the project, or any
combination of the two.  Budgets are our specialty.  

Everyone can afford an interior designer.  Why not you?
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