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    Barbara began her journey in art at the Michigan Art Museum as a child.  She
    graduated from Eastern Michigan University in Interior Design in 1975 and
    moved to Philadelphia and New York City to pursue a career in interior

    After several life altering events, Barbara was drawn back into art in 1994.  She
    sold her first work and the light bulb turned on.  She began painting
    commissions and executed interior decorative art.  She quit her day job in
    1998, and then in 2003, she moved back to Michigan, settling in East Tawas,
    where "the vistas are wonderful to paint" and opened a teaching studio and
    art supply store in 2004.

    In 2007 Barbara moved the store and studio to her home and began building a
    barn to house her multi-faceted business.  (See below.)  

    Barbara is an active member of the Tawas Bay community.  In 2007, she
    introduced art to Tawas St. Joseph Health System by organizing an art show
    venue spanning the year with multiple exhibitions.  Now approaching its sixth
    year, the show is successful for the artists, the hospital, and the community.  In
    2009 she was President of the East Tawas Business Association.  Her
    professional affiliations have included the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Industry
    Partner of the American Society of Interior Designers, the International
    Furnishings and Design Association, the Stencil Artisans League, and the
    Chamber of Commerce to name a few.

    Barbara Wasserman has over 1000 commissions around the world and many
    awards from shows and exhibitions across the country.  Today, she spends her
    time educating the public on the value of art, mentoring local artists in
    techniques, marketing and design, and continuing to explore her own

    Oh, and by the way, her classes are not to be missed.  She teaches students
    how to develop their own style based on their natural strengths.  Barbara's
    extensive knowledge of art history and the language called "art" make her
    classes educational and exhilarating.  Her broad multidisciplinary knowledge
    ranges from textiles to sculpture and all traditional art mediums.  She also
    works with mental health professionals with her art therapy and "spirit"
    painting workshops.